RP Remote Producer

Taking advantage of powerful multithreaded processors RP RemoteProducer, a software only product, converts a laptop or desktop computer into a complete DV production suite.

RP RemoteProducer was engineered from the ground up as a mobile field production toolkit for professional story tellers. Tested and approved in mission critical situations, by accessing media during capturing, the workflow is dramatically accelerated. It provides media browsing and cataloging on location, efficient and fast editing with complex effect compositing and background processing and enables users to exchange the files to various video servers (Profile, Sea Change, Omneon, Matrox compatible).

RP Remote Producer comes with innovative ideas for today’s video editor, the result of research and experience to meet market demands. The RP product line is designed to have an upgrade path to various HD and SD hardware options and is expandable to new file format tendencies – MXF, XD CAM and HDV

RP Remote Producer

What Makes RP Remote Producer So Unique?

RP Capture

Fastest-Industry Access to Media –  Ever dream of simply entering your tape, start to capture, then edit the footage on the timeline while its being digitized - treat media being captured as if it were already captured ?  Remote Producer actually offers this. Edit During Capture is one of IMC’s trademark timesaving workflow solutions providing access to the media 5 seconds after digitization has begun with automated refresh as new material becomes available.

With a preview of the material being captured, the user can log clip selections (sub-clip) and enter metadata useful for production and archiving. The clips can even be placed directly on the timeline and edited without limitation.

RP Edit

Powerful Real-time Editor with Real-time Video and Audio FX - Designed for the professional craft editor, Remote Producer RP delivers a range of real-time editing tools. No one offers the same editing speed on the timeline, the same professional toolkit, more powerful graphics features, or more advanced audio capabilities. Transitions, 32-bit uncompressed titles and graphic animations, speed change – all are in real time, letting you see your work immediately.

Unique 3-step 1394 capturing is one of the best in the industry today, supporting 4 channel 32-bit audio capturing with real-time conversion to 48 KHz and innovative transcoding to alternate media files (AVI, QuickTime, Windows Media and RealMedia) during capture.

Powerful real-time audio editing, mixing and effects over 8 audio tracks complete the feature set, which include real-time waveform, volume control, rubber banding, professional VU meters, and surround sound mixing. Real-time audio effects include Delay, Dynamics, Parametric EQ with support for additional DirectX plug-ins. Full duplex, live voice-over recording is performed directly on the timeline.

RP Catalog

Advanced Media Management - No other editing software gives you this kind of control over your media assets and clip metadata. Assets can be organized directly on disk, or in a database that tracks all your projects. Project configuration tools let you dictate how media is stored. Vital metadata is preserved throughout production and archiving of assets, and can be researched at any time.

RP Process

Professional, Background Rendered Compositing - Need more? No problem. RP provides a host of professional filters and effects that are rendered in the background so they won’t slow down your creativity. With  Remote Producer RP, you get a professional compositing package that delivers 2D and 3D DVEs, motion tracking and corner pinning, image stabilization, vector paint and rotoscoping, 2D and 3D titling, advanced color correction, powerful keys, masks and mattes, and much more. All effects are keyframeable and fully customizable, with easy-to-use effects libraries to get you started. Simply drag and drop effects, customize, and render. No need to avoid something complicated, because with Remote Producer RP you can continue working – the software will render in the background while you finish the edit, change timelines or even begin a new project.

RP Transcoding

Background transcoding and encoding from/to any format – In a perfect world, all video would be in the same format and every system could work with every file. But of course, it’s not a perfect world, and myriad formats are used every day. This is where IMC’s transcoding engine comes to the rescue. Virtually any format or codec can be transcoded in the background to DV for editing in RP Remote Producer, and when the sequence is finished, it can be converted to any other format for output, again in the background. Conversions can be performed while capturing, downloading or mixing down. With RP Remote Producer, you can break the video language barrier.

RP Output

Output to tape, DVD, web, or video server – Completing the most wonderful story in the world does you no good if you cannot share it with anyone. This is why Remote Producer RP gives you all the options you need for delivering your completed video. Choose any output format - Print it to tape through 1394, convert it to DVD ready files for authoring or to web friendly formats for posting to the internet, or use a Video Server to play it out in a broadcast workflow. Whatever you need, Remote Producer delivers.

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